Asthma Grid - Medical Diagnostic Instrument


Accurate medical diagnostics and shortage of diagnostic equipment is a challenge in the developing world. This is even truer for management of chronic diseases like asthma. Asthma induction and exacerbation is not clearly understood and has been a challenge to model and predict. As a result, cases of exacerbated and life threatening asthma are increasing.

Furthermore, misdiagnoses have been the greatest challenge of healthcare in the 21st century and the cause of many treatment failures. Johns Hopkins researchers found that diagnostic errors, not surgical mistakes or medication overdoses accounted for the most claims, the most severe patient harm, and the highest total of penalty payouts. Diagnosis related payments amounted to $38.8 billion between 1986 and 2010, they found. These astronomical payouts don’t compare to life lost due to poor diagnosis. Research also demonstrates large proportions of deaths are due to lack of early warning systems. Life threatening attacks, like in asthma, always happen unexpectedly.


The Asthma Grid is one of the Southern Africa Resilience Innovation Lab (SA RILab) innovation projects implemented in South Africa by a University of Pretoria student. The project falls under the Youth Spark Innovation Grant (YSIG). This invention is an electronic medical device with the capacity to predict eminent Asthma attacks.

SA RILab ultimate focus is to improve Food Security and Improved Income Generation.


The following will be the benefit for the South African communities:

  • Promotes early diagnosis and treatment of Asthma conditions in patients.


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