Magnon - a new way of generating electricity


The Magnon is one of the Southern Africa Resilience Innovation Lab (SA RILab) innovation projects implemented in South Africa by a University of Pretoria student. The project falls under the Youth Spark Innovation Grant with the ultimate focus to improve Food Security and Improved Income Generation. Magnon, is a device that produces electricity from magnets (a generator that uses magnets to make electricity).

Problem Addressed

South Africa faces an energy crisis that is manifested through load shedding and some parts of rural communities without electricity. The demand for electricity has increased due to the growing economy. Most rural and some peri-urban communities rely on fossil fuels for power which causes health problems and has environmental impact in the context of climate change. South Africa has potential to generate electricity through various ways that include nuclear power, wind energy, solar energy, fuel generators and fossil fuels. However, most of these alternative options are expensive for most of the rural communities. There is therefore need to explore other ways of producing electricity in a way that is cheaper and greener for increased access by poor rural communities.

The Intervention

The project proposes to develop a device (named Magnon) that produces electricity from magnets (a generator that uses magnets to make electricity). This design/ project will be dedicated to areas/communities without electricity. Since generators are expensive because of fuel prices, this design will try and bridge that gap since the design does not require fuel to run. It can be used as a source of power for water pumps. This is a much cheaper than using electricity provided by the municipality or using fuel powered generator.


The following will be the benefits for the South African communities:

  • Increased access to electricity by the rural and marginalized poor
  • Cheaper option to produce electricity as an alternative for rural poor


Contact: Kedumetse Motloutsi; Email: